About Us



APS BEFRAND understands the importance of innovation and technology across many different markets. How fast we respond to the market and how effectively we meet your needs determines our future success and can greatly influences yours.

Ethical behavior, safety, team work, fast action and a passion for continual improvement are the hallmarks of our culture. We are steadfast in our goal to supply our best quality products in an ever more sustainable.

We measure our progress by how well we perform in the eyes of our key customers, employees, communities-each with a strong voice in determining our ultimate success. We also pay special attention to ongoing improvements in our internal processes, the way in which we conduct business.

Imagine APS BEFRAND people, state of the art technologies, ideas, and more than 311 valued customers, compact operations, all in service of your market, your work, and your goals.

We put our technology and experience to use to help our customers “imagine the possibilities” for their own productsproducts that enhance everyday life for people around the world.

Our commitment to quality & service is reflected at every shades of our product . We are committed to supporting customers throughout the national geographic area essential to APS BEFRAND’ long term success. Our strength is based on our uniqueness and diversity. We set the standard for customer intimacy and rapid flexible collaborative action drawing on the diverse strengths of the entire organization. We bring a world of possibilities to the market place through the quality and breadth of our portfolio and our commitment to enabling service tailored to meet local market needs.

  • We are an ISO 9001:2015 and 45000 Certified Company.
  • Trusted by MNCs and PSU's alike.